Our Mission

To provide a trusted resource for services that every office relies on for optimal efficiency and productivity.  The core values of our business are Integrity, Quality and Creativity/Innovation.  Our relationship-based customer service and use of technology to further streamline processes is our cornerstone.  Our belief that accountability is paramount in business ethics and integrity drives our guarantee to quickly resolve any issues that may arise.  When the revenue-generating members of a team are supported optimally through documentation support and technology, the revenue cycle is shortened and cash flow is optimized. 

Our Story

With 40 years of experience in legal, administrative and medical transcription, Owner, Linda Gilgore, is a valuable resource to any industry in providing professional documentation, whether traditional or e-documentation.  Understanding the uniqueness of each practice and the challenges each face allows us to customize solutions for you.  We are an innovative team that believes that there is more than one way to do everything.  With trusted strategic partners, Integrity can become a one-call resource for all your office service needs.  Personal experience with each partner brings a level of confidence and expertise second to none. 

Our Technology

Our online dictation platform features HIPAA-compliant, secure password-protected access to your completed documents.  As your admin support, we are happy to learn new systems to assist you in office efficiency. Telephone, digital handheld recorders and also a telephone app are available as options for your dictation. 

We can provide our outstanding service to you in a virtual environment regardless of your physical location, providing 40% savings when compared to the same task completed by an employee.

Our Team

We are proud to provide a 100% U.S. Based team of trained document specialists who are dedicated to providing high quality work at your specifications and on time.