Data Processing

Time-consuming, repetitive data entry processed for you while you concentrate on more important things.

For any industry that needs routine data entry into a computer system, we can provide that service to you, eliminating the need for temporary help or employee expenses of salary and benefits.


Let us provide HIPAA-compliant technology and/or trained staff to make your office more efficient!

As professionals in the field of documentation, we are honored to provide our services to any industry where a professional appearance is important or the cost savings of outsourcing the task is a better solution for your bottom line.  The typical cost savings of outsourcing vs. an employee performing the same task is approximately 40%.

Have you made the transition to an electronic medical record, but are fatigued and frustrated by the amount of time it takes to enter the data?  If so, we'd love to talk with you.  We're proficient in creating workflows for EMR products. 

Voice Recognition Editing

Computers can print words, but transcriptionists know the context. Working together is the perfect fit.

If you enjoy technology and use speech recognition products but do not enjoy the time-consuming process of editing, we can provide the editing of those drafts for you.